Sunday, 31 August 2008

Festival Season is over.... (part i)

This year was a great year for festivals, I went back to the almgihty Benicassim, before that GateCrasher was the first of the year, slapping me in the face with a wave of rain, chavs, and insomnia. But also the Prodigy, bang on. Bloom was intimate but fucking good fun, and most recently Beachdown in brighton, which i was spontaniously dragged into going only hours before it started. Driving to Beachdown was a festival first and even though I forgot to take full advantage by bringing a pillow/duvet, the car not only took us into Brighton town to go swimming during a shit load of rain, only to then walk dripping wet into a Chinese buffet restaurant, only to realise we didnt have any money, and drage are moist asses out swiftly, but upon the comical collapse of my rizla tent, served as a warm, musical bed. Good times.

"Need 2 Tickets"

But back with a vengance, Benicassim was a lethal cocktail of sun,sea,sand,sombrero's,seafood,(running..out..of...alliteration..options....), sangria and shorts.
Upon arrival of Barcelona at 10pm local time, we managed to game it out of baggage collection and out into a 7-seater taxi all the way to the coach station. Only it turns out that even though we are in time to get the last coach, tickets were all sold out, or as the ticket assistant so brutally put it; "IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!". We planned to stay up all ngiht drinking and get the first coach to Beni, so boguht tickets for 8am sharp. After 2 hours of timeburing by the Arc de Triumph( is England the only country to not have one?) i went hunting for a prime location to take a shit, when we found, or were found by, about 20 drunk English fsetival goers in the same position as us, so we deicded on a triumphant trip to Barcelona's epic beach to get crunk, and junk. This would later turn into the world most dedicated human pyramid team, contructing a perfect 5,4,3,2,1-yes, count it, 15 person human pyramid. Which then evolved into the thought of us all getting a pyramid design on our wrists. By usuing black dots to signify people, and a pink dot to identify yourself, something like this;
Word up.

Anyway the night got messy and everyone got wet drunk and naked, fucking classic.

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