Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Festival Season is over...(pt.II)

Following the depart of Barcelona, after a 15 minute nap at the coach station, only to wake up just as drunk as when I entered unconciousness and to find Jimmy had rapidly ploughed through a 70ml bottle of vodka with ease, we headed south. To put things in perspective the coach ride was like something you might remeber from a year 7 school trip to some random fucking castle, just much, much more exited and much, much more drunk.

Off the coach and straight to CampFIB (Bonet (BeniCamp)- don't be silly). Beaut' of a spot by the showers again, we cracked open our various crates, kegs, bottles, boxes, glasses and cartons (Don Simon 4 life) and got cracking. One of the best things about this festival is the beach parties; you almost forget your actually at a music festival until it starts.

As far as unhealthy medium term obsessions go, Justice are well up there.
Sunday came and we bought some of those...foamy long tubey...things...
and with the help of some conveniently placed gaffa tape, made this greasy beast;
good times.
needless to say we fucked shit up and i think i poo'd a little when they opened with Genesis.
Within 25 minuts we had a small army of accomplices rendez-vous with us at the front after noticing our cross from a distance. The photo above are before (left) and after (right) the hour long set. After a night of general rampage, Me, Tom and Emily wondered on down to the campsite bar to grab some fresh o.j and the BeniPaper. Hungover as hell, we opened the paper to the centerfold; and who'd have thought it...hi.

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